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She made it to the bottom of her checklist and crossed the last thing off with total satisfaction.
(+ even had time to organize the photos saved on her computer)

It only took 243,435,234,595,438,957 years.

And not because she wanted it to…

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she’s doing it from home with a hundred PRESSING PRIORITIES.

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she’s doing it all alone with no real direction.

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honestly, she’s got so much shit to do.

You know what I’m saying?

It shouldn’t take this long but sometimes it does when you’re a one woman show.

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There’s a running joke in my house;

If I just had 3 days of uninterrupted, totally focused work-time, I’d be a millionaire.

Ok, ok. Maybe not a millionaire but it’s true, at least a thousandaire.

In these 3 days I imagine it’d be just enough time to,

  • finally get my shit together,

  • make it to the bottom of my checklist,

  • take a nap

  • develop an effective workflow with a complete “what should I talk about” strategy and a cash in hand plan.

It’d be nice uh? Well, it’s happening and I want you to come.

Introducing: WORKFLOW weekend.

This is a 3 day, “I’m-in-the-zone” weekend.

For WHO?

Business owners who sell a high value service that are simply tired of playing catch up or want to reach their goals faster to booking perfect-fit (paying) clients than ever before.

WHAT is it?:

A 3 day work session to think and do necessary business tasks without any frills or distractions. I’ll be there, hanging out over your shoulder, providing personalized strategy so you have an effective client, communication and cash system in place.


Atlanta, Georgia
Accommodations are included, with detailed arrangements to follow.


July 25th-27th
Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th


Food and drink will be covered Thursday evening and all of Friday + Saturday


Hands on learning with the ability to talk things through live in person support so you can learn and apply faster and easier than ever before.

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$497 Speak Easy Members

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$697 Open to Public