We’ve all been there. You have a potential client who is very interested in what you do and how you can help them. But they just keep asking question after question. Except the one question you want them to ask you - about your service.

So how do you change the subject to your paid offer and transition the conversation?


The first thing you need to do it is create a boundary. You can do that 1 of 2 ways. 

  1. Create a boundary with the Amount of Questions The Potential Client Can Ask You

You can preface this with:

“I know you are asking a lot of questions and I want to answer them, but why don’t we narrow it down to the two most important ones.”

Or you can say,

““Which question will make everything else easier?”

This will get to the heart of their problem and help you better understand the situation without having to constantly be answering never ending questions.

2. Create a Boundary with the Amount of Time You Have

You can preface this with:

“Alright, I have 10 minutes until the kids need me, tell me what is going on? Lay it on me.”

This will show them that you care and want to help them but they can’t have your attention all day. 

Once you get to the heart of their problem, you can continue on by asking them a set of questions to get to your paid offer. 

Questions to ask Before the Sale

Ask things like:

  1. What do you want?

  2. Why is that important to you?

  3. Why is that important to you now?
    People only think about their problem in the here and now. They typically can’t see the future vision.

  4. Do you want help with that?
    This leads perfectly into how you can help them.

If the conversation is not to this point yet, ask them:
“Okay, what questions do you have for me?, How can I help you with this?, or  Do you want to talk about my offer?”

Give them an opportunity to ask about it and they will sell themselves into your offer!