He asked if I had heard of "podcasts" and begin to recommend one. 

It was the first time I had heard of such a thing. 

That was nearly 5 years ago and I haven't stopped listening. 

Podcasts are absolutely one of my favorite things and especially when it's related to growing my business.

And since most of my days are at home raising 5 children under 7 I have spent hundreds of hours listening to podcasts in the background. 

It's basically a glorified radio show you access on the internet for free. 

I have listened to politics, unsolved mysteries, interviews, history lessons, Hollywood gossip, and business everything. 

There is something for everyone.

Podcasts have exploded in the last year or so and now the pressing question is out of thousands of options, what podcasts are worth listening to?

Here are list of my favorite business related ones that are well worth your time.

1.  I LOVE MARKETING with Dean Jackson + Joe Polish


If I was to listen to one single podcast, this would be it.
Joe and Dean was the show my friend had recommended.

When I started my first business, a local cleaning company, they weren't preaching how to push products like everyone else but addressed the issues unique to a service based company. 

They are a former carpet cleaner and real estate agent and have had this show for years, so it's also been fun to be a part of their journey as they transitioned into interviewing bigger names and improving their audio!


2.  Rich Bitch with Angie Lee



I stumbled into Angie's world and immediately turned around and left. 

Thinking about why now, I'm not exactly sure why but she didn't resonate with me and using the word "bitch" I especially don't resonate with. 

But then she started showing up on my instagram feed and it became hard not to fall in love with her. 

Angie is your practical best friend who tackles topics around money and confidence.   She makes you feel like everything is within your reach and really breaks it down so it is.  

I look forward to every episode she pushes out and I always find myself forwarding it to a friend or a client. 

3.  The Money Oracle Show with Snowe Saxman




I have worked 1 to 1 with Snowe and she is by far an incredible mentor with an equally inspiring story. 

Her captivating personality and voice makes every episode pack the most punch, you can't help but sit on the edge of your seat with each episode

She has been where you are, and then some deeper darker trouble and still able to light up her audience with profound truths about managing money and ultimately how to change your thinking around it. 

You can catch my interview with her on episode 5.

4.  Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn


This is the most exhaustive business podcast I have ever listened to.

There isn't a topic that he isn't covering. 

I love every time I tune in I am learning something, actually learning something new. 

He positions himself as someone who's along side this business journey with you so he's learning too.  Which makes him ask the best questions to get real information. 


5.  The Introvert Entrepreneur


Beth is as real and genuine as they come and her podcast is no exception. 

It's a lively space for conversation, learning and sharing and she has received many awards for her efforts. 

She takes an introvert perspective on business and life while providing resources, advice, and inspiration.

You can check out my interview with her on episode 159.


6.  Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller



Donald Miller is a relatively famous author in Evangelical circles and every now and then I would search for his newest book (I have read all of them).

I ended up stumbling into his business world where he basically is an undercover marketing genius. 

He has built a company helping businesses sell more through clarifying their message (ie.  their story). 

There is never a bad guest, his interviews always give such great lessons to easily be applied to your business. 


surprise #7.   SHE SPEAKS SALES with Shawna May!


That's right, yours truly has her own podcast and I totally think it's worth listening to. I help hash out those really awkward conversations around selling so you can actually feel great about so it moves your customers to eagerly buy. 

It's still pretty new but it's mine and you can listen right here. 

There are plenty of great podcasts and this list is not extensive.   When I'm choosing a podcast I'm wondering is this captivating, conversational and can I really apply these lessons to my business.  These podcasts do all that and they should give you a running start as you narrow your podcast search.  Do you have a favorite I haven't listed?  

Reply in the comments and I'd love to check it out!    

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