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SSS podcast interviews Habit Coach and founder of The Habit Gal who helps people begin new habits and crowd out old ones that are no longer beneficial for them.

Sara works with individuals and businesses to increase productivity, safety, sales, and health.

In 2015 she was told she had severe osteoarthritis in both knees, at the age of 35. The way she used to stay fit wasn't an option anymore so she set out to try new things that could keep her active.

While enjoying new things she had a hard time sticking to anything.

Being a 'why'? person, shehad to figure out what was so difficult about making new habits and began reading books about habit formation and trying them at home.

When those methods started to stick and then naturally grow, Sara started looking into a way to learn more and help people do the same thing.

My search lead me to Tiny Habits Academy (view them here; Towards the end of earning her certification she officially launched The Habit Gal business!

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