I think everyone’s my friend.  I can’t help it.  My daughter does too. We love people.  At age two, she would roll down the window and say hi to the city people waiting for the bus.  “HI!!”  

“What are you doing?”, we’d ask her.  “Saying hi to my friends.” - she’d reply. 

I naturally run my business from this place as well, making friends with my customers because there is no better person on this planet than our best friend.  

Best friends have our best interest at heart, they care selflessly, they are never out for their own gain, and are not afraid to tell us the truth.  

This is one of the very first pieces of business nuggets I received when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

People like to do business with their friends.

Every time I go to speak, I ask, “does this pass the best friend test?”  

When I go to sell, I ask, “does this pass the best friend test?”  Would I tell her this?  Is this how I would talk?  Does she need this thing?

All friends have to have a connection, a common bond that binds them. Sometimes it's ability to say whole sentences with a single look. That one Gnarles Barkley song, CRAZY that you both can’t help but sing along to.  You need that, and you need to know what your common ground is with your customers.

Where’s your connection?   

You have the opportunity on your website or any social media outlet, but instead you've listed a resume about yourself!  Your friend doesn't need a resume.  Boring. They don't want you to tell them, SHOW THEM!    

Find a connection through their problems.  Do you know them?  

Are you annoyed when they show up, or do you honestly enjoy their company?!  

These are very easy and honest  ways to create goodwill and friendships among your customers. 

The bonus is that it’s also the best advantage for your business in the marketplace.

If you'd like my 5 step roadmap to sell with ease, you just learned step 1.  If you'd like step 2, 3, 4, and 5 get the download here