Jane was plain. With an average build, an average face and average looks, she had average smarts and went about her life in average ways.

Until one day, she cut her own hair. She cut her bangs soooo short that they stuck straight up and not even a bobby pin could hold those hairs back.

All of a sudden, she wasn’t just average plain Jane anymore, she was plain dumb, and now everyone was going to look at her and think the exact same thing.

“I can’t believe I was so stupid” she told herself.  

But honestly, she believed it.

She was always talking down to herself, telling herself that she couldn’t be more than average and that’s why she woke up angry and upset at herself. Because she wanted to be more than average.

Why couldn’t she be more? Why couldn’t she be smarter?  Prettier?  Better?  Above average?  Why did it take so long to move half a step forward?  And why was her family already reminding her of her average roots saying ‘don’t forget where you came from’?

And no matter how hard she wanted to pull herself together and be content with her life, she couldn’t. She wanted more than average so how could she be happy with where she was when she wanted more?

And the self talk would continue.

We all tend to think that life is a series of events, or a bunch of steps moving towards something that will eventually change us, but life happens in moments. 

In single moment you can change, and so can Jane.

This moment came in a dream after a night of too much drinking.  It was unclear but it was something. A woman showed up, riding a stallion with legs that towered well over our heads. Her hair blowing in the wind like the movies and this woman asked to see the baby.  The baby?  There was no baby.   And this woman riding on the horse continued to cry out for the baby.

Jane replied to the horseback rider and said “when it feels impossible, it's time to find another way.”  

Jane woke up immediately and in that moment she learned that if we want a different life we have to do something we have never done before. 

It was time to find a new way and she wasn’t going to stop until she found it. 

She went back the bathroom and cut the rest of her average hair. It was all lopsided but it was definitely not average, and she loved it.

Instead of focusing on where she wanted to go, like she did in the past, she began focusing on who she wanted to be, and that was the kind of person that would never say a bad thing about herself again.

Jane changed, thanks to a single moment.

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