So I know a guy, David, and he goes about his life thinking he’s happy doing what he’s always done. He’s what you’d call strong willed, the kind of guy who makes up his mind and sticks to his guns.

The guy you never want to get into a healthy debate with because you can never prove him wrong.

He wakes up early, goes to work, stays late. Repeat.

Always repeat.

He could never tell anyone that he actually hates it, that it’s so fucking boring, and his ‘routine’ is really just autopilot.

He would never tell anyone because then they’d say it’s his own damn fault. He made choices and now he has to pay the consequence of silently suffering.

As David continues to live on repeat, he tries to convince himself that everything’s okay, because it’s better to be right and live in misery than to be wrong.

Because admitting something’s wrong in your life is admitting failure.  And he was taught to keep going. He made his bed and now it’s time to lay in it.

Wake up early.

Go to work.

Stay late.


Until one day, a random person on the street caught David’s eye and it stopped him in his tracks. David blinked. And he started breathing, not that he stopped but it felt like he had been holding his breathe a really long time.

One day this someone stopped him.  David didn’t know this person or his name, it was just a random person on the street that caught David’s eye.

David stopped, blinked and took a big deep breath in for the first time in what felt like forever. He can’t remember the last time he felt his own breathe. 

David doesn’t know why that particular guy caught his eye, or why he was compelled to stop and breathe, but all it took was this moment to disrupt his autopilot life.

That moment and that random man set David’s soul on fire.

And there it was. He felt alive.

Have you had that feeling? 

Where you didn’t even know what you wanted until your soul calls it forth? Where you know you were meant for more than what you were doing?  

That’s what happened to David, and he never wanted to go back to his autopilot life.

In that moment, he had outgrown his routine.

But then his logical brain interjected.

What about the money? He wasn’t going to have enough.

It’s always fucking about money.

How do you start a new life without the money you need to ya know, survive?

David wasn’t much of a gambler, but he knew if he went back he was as good as dead, so he made up his mind and made the richest decision of his life.

To change.

If you’re at all feeling like David felt, or if you life looks a little like David’s did and you’re ready to start breathing again and start living but you don’t know where to begin, the let me help you.

Click here and let’s jump on a call to talk about the best way I can help you change your life.

All it takes is a little brainstorming to create new choices for a whole different life.