I never cried about dreams.

I never had any.
and I would barf at the "shoot for the moon, so you land in stars" rhetoric.

I didn't want to dream because I wanted life to happen to me.

I think victim is the wrong word, but I wanted to be "content" with whatever situation I was in, a victim of my circumstance. It kept me safe. It kept me, not responsible.
I was afraid that if my dreams didn't come true, it would confirm I was never as great as I thought.. or ever have great things.

Deep down I knew that I wanted "big everything" in my life, but what if?

But what if, I was wrong?

What if no matter how hard I worked, it wouldn't matter.

I need to see how things are possible. I need a path. I need direction. I don't need theory. I dont need ideas or float-y concepts. and dreams are exactly those things.

A place for poor people using perseverance as a way to keep us naive and delusional.

All I could see was small.

My family jumped from apartment to apartment because we could never afford rent. We'd spend our weekends at the pawn shop and in line for coat donations.

As that became a distant memory they would remind me, "don't forget where you came from."

All they could see was small.

I sat with a friend and cried, worried, Id never have a baby. She responded with "your dreams are not a mistake, you have them for a reason."

And that's when I knew I would overcome every small belief on who I was meant to be. and so can you.

My dreams, if I allowed them, were not a mistake, they were inside of me with purpose.

If you are confused about purpose and passion, listen to your dreams because they are the essence of what will allow you to overcome any circumstance.

That's your practical strategy, your dreams are your greatest weapon. Use them.