I know you hear the word SELL and recoil, I used to too.  We all really hate being sold to.  We’ve been sold to far too much and we’re sick of it.

Our guard is always up. 

Everything is fighting for our attention with some lurking motive to get into our wallets.  We easily see right through it.

Let’s not forget - we’re also conditioned to think salesmen are vile human beings. Remember Matilda's dad who resets the mileage in his used car parking lot?  

Yah, him.  We don't like him at all.  

Forget about all that for a second.

What if I told you that, in business, selling can be the most honest thing we can do?

No, really!   

I’m going to explain how you can actually sell without really selling at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your specialty without ever coming across as spammy or weird?  

The right sales approach can be fun and should be the most exciting part of your business. If you're doing it right, you're going to help people get what they want while making money.

Major win win! 

My husband is an artist. I used to watch him make these amazing woodcuts. He’d pump out these epic pieces, which he would carve by hand and print with a spoon. They would often take a month to finish. Then he’d turn around and sell them for twenty bucks. 

It wasn’t because they weren't worth more.

He simply never wanted to sell them and I can totally understand where he was coming from.

When you have a talent that comes from a heart centered place of creating - the last thing you wanna do is have one of these awkward “so... how much is it?” conversations and face fear of rejection.  


So, what’s gonna happen?  Well, you don't sell at all, and your basement fills with creations.  

Or your product sits on the shelf.  

Or your service based business isn’t out in the world.  

And then you realize you don't actually have a business at all.  

Here's what I teach and I’m going to share it with you too. 

1. If you want to avoid being spammy, STOP MAKING IT ABOUT YOU.

This is the first thing that comes to mind when I see ads that scream “JOIN MY TEAM!”  or “WE'RE HIRING!”.  

Your customer uses a filter to process information, and the most important information is -  why is this relevant to them?  Maybe to some, sure?

 But your goal isn’t to appeal to the masses, your goal should always be to impress the few.

So, with these important few in mind, ask yourself “WHY SHOULD THEY CARE and how can I use that information to make them care about what I'm trying to get them to do”  


2. The sale is about HOW CAN YOU SERVE

This might be hard to believe, but your product or service isn’t for everyone and not everyone is your prospect.

You need to be ok with that. 

It's always gonna feel icky for your customer if you approach your sales life with thoughts like “how much can I get outta this”.

You're gonna stink and they’re gonna smell it.

But what if we approached selling as “how can I serve people today?”  or “how can connect them to the answers they need whether or not my answer is their solution”

3. You need to FIND THE BRIDGE, a connection between you and your customer.

So many people skip that part and they come across as not authentic.

If you want to sell without feeling like you're selling at all, there is a connection between you and your customer that you need to find.  It’s different for every potential customer.  

If you're not finding the bridge from what it is you have to what it is they need - you're gonna come across as majorly pushy.  

If done right, sales is a slow pitch that your customer hits outta the park.  

Not the other way around. So find the bridge.

People like to do business with their friends so the easiest way to create a bridge is to find what connects you. 



We’re all trying to find ways to stand out and in the entrepreneurial world and that seems to mean who can come up with the most abstract, bizarre, poetic title and job description on the planet.

Your customers want to buy from someone they understand.  And they'll often buy first from the person they understand the fastest. 

When you're not communicating efficiently what you sell - you're not going to sell. 

When we don't say what we mean and hide behind “Fancy” rather than “Real” it’s easy to understand why customers would feel deceived.  

And if your goal is to sell without feeling like you're selling at all - they have to know exactly what it is they’re committing to.


5. You don’t really believe that what you have matters - STOP FAKING IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT. 

If you don't feel passionate or excited about whatever it is you're selling, that energy, that mentality, bleeds into your business.  

Why would you sell what you don't love?   

How can you make exciting money, when your product doesn't even excite you?

Answer those questions honestly.

If you’re faking it, if you're selling to sell, you're fighting an uphill battle and facing major burn out.  

Customers like to do business with real people, not a con artist… and man, will that reputation spread like wildfire. 


These are just 5 ways you can implement refreshing sales strategy into your business.  It feels spammy and weird when you dont have the right message, or in front of the right people, or you're not the right person. 

Lets work on overcoming these selling roadblocks so you can sell more at ease spam-free.  Join my facebook community here or schedule your first free strategy call with me