My friend said, "pop your booty and flip your hair!"

We laughed and laughed and laughed as she took my photo.

and here it is, in all its' silly glory for the first time because it was just a fun inside joke shared between the two of us.

and last night when I was talking with a client she said, "I can only talk about what I do with my best friend, not anyone else, not my coworkers, not even my aunt."

"I dont want to bother people."
"I dont want them to feel used."
"I dont them to think I'm always selling."


You need to talk to people like they're your friend.

I have a reputation of being able to walk into a room and make friends with anyone.

And that’s because I ALREADY believe we’re friends.

So I approach nearly every new conversation with a stranger, like this, like we already know each other.

and because we "already know each other" it immediately builds a bond and that bond creates understanding. 

and guess who understands us better than our most intimate partners?
best friends.
(we also tend to like our best friends more than them anyways)

So you've created this environment and you know what that does?

People start to feel understood. 
it means you *SEE* them.
It means you *HEAR* them.
it means youre not after their money.
And it means they LOVE you because you earned their trust. 
and it means you have earned the right to ask and share about your product or service.  . 

This is WHY I ALWAYS SAY, women are incredible business owners, because we see and hear people like nobody's business.

and just to be clear I dont walk into a room thinking, "wow, who can I manipulate to be my friend so I  can make a sale."

I am walking into the room, wondering, "who is going to make my life better and funnier." 
Because that's what friends do.  They make everything better and funnier. 

like that time, a friend brought me a cheeseburger from shake shack after giving birth 12 hours ago with a bottle of champagne.  (Hi Chelsea!  I love you!) 

or like that time, a friend drove 19 hours with a car full of her kids to see me for 2 days and brought beer and nutty butter bars and can cheese.  (Hi Sara!  I love you!)

or that one time, a friend sat in bed with me after I had massive surgery and brought cosmo magazines and watched 8745234 episodes of America's Next Top Model.  (Hi Jill!  I love you!)

YES it's true, some people find me annoying, (and yes I will cry about it)   but we already know our best friends are the best people and its not about us, it’s about us wanting to know THEM. 

So if people dont want to be my friend, I ALREADY have the coolest ones, it's ok.

You can build deep connections when you interact with others based on WHO THEY ARE so instead of trying to be impressive, be impressed.

Your business will thank you and your friends love you.

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