No one wants to be sold into your package.

But the alternative to waiting for clients to show up on-a-whim, makes you
Lose. Your. Mind.
(and frankly turns you into a business booty call)


    • Having grand plans to work on your business, that evolves into fucking around on social media all day. Now it's 5pm and you're just really tired and disappointed in yourself, isn’t getting you clients.

    • Permanently waiting to be 'perfectly set up' so your business can just 'take off', isn’t getting you clients

    • Working your way through another marketing video, that never mentions sales, isn't getting you clients.


You want to get clients.
I want you to get clients.

At the end of the day, you just want the people who need what you're selling to find you, see you as the genius you are and be happy to pay what your service is worth.

This is what a quality sales strategy is in a nutshell.

They get a great service. You get to live off what you love. Everybody wins.

But what you're doing now, makes you a passive-participant to your life's most important work.

Crossing your fingers, waiting for those not-quite-meant-for-you clients.... who aren’t quite sure about your process, (and definitely don't trust your price) is the same as…


running a half business
with a half dream.


There is a solution and it’s quite simple, really.


How it works

Sales Coaching-On-Tap Membership

It’s low commitment, meaning you can get in and get out. It’s low time commitment, meaning it’s been tested by a mom of 5. And it’s for service-based business owners, who are finally ready to be in charge of what’s happening when it comes to their sales.

WHAT speak easy REALLY IS:

Finally chill the fuck out, book clients, live your purpose, and get paid what your services are actually worth.

You’ll receive weekly "office hours" from me - all virtual, so you get the sales help and support you need on a regular basis - as you need it.

I'm here for you

  • Buzz me, while you are on the phone, trying to land a big deal.

  • Book me, for a kickoff consult (so we can work on a long term sales strategy, tailored to YOU!)

  • Immediate access to a growing library of trainings and templates

  • And because everything is better with a friend, you’ll also get at least 2 monthly group creative brainstorm sessions where you can tap into the minds of the entire Speak Easy Crew.


No generic one-size-fits-all solutions.

Let's get together and work on creating eager paying clients with a plan specifically tailored to you and your purpose.

Let's find your people, put you in front of them and leave them with no doubt that you are the absolute best person for the job.

Having me in your corner when you need a strategic nudge (or maybe a giant shove) is a game-changer.


Life is about to get so fucking awesome when you GET so good at sales.

ANd it finally stops feeling like selling and starts feeling like your clients are just as excited to work with you, as you are with them.

with speak easy,
You can have me when you need me.
You can have me when it matters.

it’s like cracking a cold one when you’re thirsty.

It’s up to you if you want to stop leaving your sales up to chance. No one will twist your arm to stay, and if you give it an honest run the first 30 days and still hate it, just tell me where to return your money.

Improving your sales game is the most direct way you can see any investment pay for itself - you will earn more money - and you’ll earn it more easily and with less stress than ever before! All for just $197 a month.

Enroll with the button now and receive a welcome letter straight to your email to access this exclusive crew.

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