SPEAK EASY - monthly

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SPEAK EASY - monthly

97.00 every month

Ready to join SPEAK EASY but need to read the fine print?
Cool, here goes…

SPEAK EASY, is a paid monthly membership for business owners who provide a creative service, that are ready to ditch the sales struggle for good.

Maybe your sales are inconsistent.
Maybe you’re tired of pulling money from your family’s personal account.
Maybe you’re just overwhelmed and can’t get your shit together long enough before doubting yourself all over again.

You want more than this.
You deserve more than this.

“There has to be a better way to generate sales, so I can focus on doing the actual work I LOVE!” 

There is.
You’re up to your neck in courses, marketing material and podcasts, so that’s not the solution.

The business formula doesn’t seem to fit somehow.
You know the theory...but applying it? That’s a whole different story!

What you really need is the support and guidance to apply all of the sales principles - in real time - to your REAL LIFE - while staying totally focused on your greater purpose.

Welcome to Speak Easy…
When you join the Speak Easy crew, your membership includes

  • weekly "office hours" from me  - all virtual, so you get the sales help and support you need on a regular basis - as you need it.

  • Want a quick chat before you return a phone call to a new client? I’m there.

  • Need someone in your corner while you’re on the phone, trying to land a big deal? I’m here for you.

  • You also get a monthly one on one call with me, so we can work on a long term sales strategy, tailored to YOU!

  • And because everything is better with a friend, you’ll also get  2 monthly group creative brainstorm sessions where you can tap into the minds of other Speak Easy crew to share ideas, tips and tricks.  

  • Plus, I’ll give you feedback on your ideas. Genuine feedback on how to move forward.

  • Not only that, but you’ll also get immediate access to my S.Q.U.A.T.S.* course and an ever expanding library of resources.
    (*simple quick unique avenue to sales)

I know, I know. The last thing you need is to another thing to add to your plate.
I understand, you’ve probably spent a lot of money, and have a thousand other priorities right now.

That’s why I’m making this available as an “eat -when -you’re-hungry-kind-of-approach”.

You can have me when you need me.
You can have me when it matters.

 It’s up to you. You can cancel anytime and give it an honest run and still hate it within the first 30 days, I’ll happily refund your money.

but this is all about live help - on tap.

Monthly one on one calls to improve your sales game, group calls to brainstorm ideas, feedback on all your ideas and access to a whole library of resources...all for just $97 a month.

Improving your sales game is the most direct way you can see any investment pay for itself - you will earn more money - and you’ll earn it more easily and with less stress than ever before!

Enroll with the button now and receive a welcome letter straight to your email to access the material.