Pitch + Paid Plan

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Pitch + Paid Plan

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Would you like someone to show you where your clients are?

and receive word-for-word the language to communicate effectively and what to offer at a price point that doesn't come across as pushy or money hungry?


ok if that's you, I want to help.

I'm offering a personalized "Pitch + Paid Plan" where I will literally hold your hand and introduce you to the right clients so you dont have to search for them, that will also understand your value and are ready to pay.

This isn't a course, thank God.

and there is not a single module for you to watch.

with me things are personal, simple and quick (in this case just 2 weeks quick).

Starting Monday the 14th we'll create your "Pitch + Paid" plan and until Friday November 1st I'll be implementing it w you, side by side so your services are booked out before you run up against the holidays

that way everyone around the Thanksgiving table will be asking where'd you get all those clients.

and we'll know its because you said Yes today.