Imagine working your creative service business and you never had to awkwardly sell your offer and instead had clients who were begging to buy?

Is that reallllllly possible?
And wouldn’t it be friggen awesome if it were true?!

I believe it is.
Kimberly Seldon of BUSINESS OF DESIGN interviews me in her podcast, episode 098 (click here to listen) where you will learn

  • actionable sales strategy to book your clients

  • how to leverage visualize persuasion so buying is pain-free

  • how to distinguish between selling the process vs outcome

  • important questions to ask to facilitate a natural sales conversation

  • are you passive and creating a win lose or creating a win-win situation

  • it’s not possible to sustain yourself if you are not earning a living

  • why it’s possible to work really hard all year and still barely break even

  • identify the appropriate time to raise your rates.

  • how to eliminate your fears around money so they don’t scare your client.

We all know design matters, but it’s in this episode that we talk about the designers who matter too.

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