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How to book a client by tomorrow

Did you know you have direct access to the most powerful tool to grow your business and you might not even know it?!

“Is it Facebook?”




This giant lifesize cutout of Mel B I bought on eBay?

Definitely no. Get help.

Yep, you already have access to this tool and, the best thing is, you can put away your credit card, because it’s completely free!

It's your communication and you can use it to find your next perfect client...but only if you use it in the right way.


Imagine you go about your normal daily life, ok?

(if you’re normal daily life involves living in a cave, being a recluse and hating the world, this won’t work. You know why? Because everything you want out of life includes someone*, so yah, you can’t grow your service business inside a bubble)

Here’s what I want you to do…

Next time you meet someone and they ask you that terrifying question..."What do you do?"


Instead of your usual, “collapse onto the floor and hope they go away” type response, answer...

..."You know how," [insert the person you help], "struggles with," [insert the problem that you solve]?, "I help with that."

(example 1: You know how landscapers struggle with receiving payments on time? I help with that.”

(example 2: You know how business owners hate book-keeping and they have a pile of receipts stacked away in their office, that they don't have time for? Yeah, I help with that.”)

(example 3: You know how serial killers hate cleaning their knives and getting rid of the bloody stains off their clothes? Yeah, I help with that.”)

Forget all the nonsense about adding your title (unless you’re speaking to someone in your industry - that’s the ONLY place they belong) and forget whatever you’ve been taught about “pitching” - you don’t have to do that here.

What you’re doing is giving them a visual.


Our brain thinks in pictures and, by following the formula above, you’re giving them visual clues - a crystal clear picture.

In short, you’re making it REALLY easy for them to understand what you do!

Once they hear this, they can’t help but run through their entire network in their head, asking themselves, "Who do I know that is a landscaper/business owner/serial killer?”

And that’s the key here, people bring opportunities and the opportunities are accessed through conversations.

It’s possible they might respond with a, "Oh, cool how do you do that?"

and for sure, you can totally tell them, but stick to one or two real world examples, like “well my last client, described it like this..” because the only people that are really gonna geek out about a a long drawn out HOW* are those who share similar industries.

One last thing, before the conversation trails off into a different topic make sure you include, “if you happen to know someone like that I’d love an introduction!”

You will never get more than what you ask for. So ask for that introduction.

Then when this person, you’ve met goes out and about and lives their normal daily life, they're going to remember the person you've identified because they can’t “unsee it”. They will find that dream client for you.

How you ask?


It's exactly the same reason if your mom buys a car in a color you’ve never seen before and now you see it everywhere? We’re creating that here with simple communication.

This is how I built my business with five kids without having to do extra shit because it literally is a normal extension of my life. And you know what happens when I live my life? I meet people that are really great clients, because I'm doing what I normally would do anyway.

It’s EASY, and it’s also FUN!

So, if you're feeling like,

"Man, I just don't know where to find my next client…”

Or “I don't know what to say…”

Try the formula above and see how it works for you! 
You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you made it to the end of the blog without reading anything, you can check out my video answer here.

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