While there is a creative process behind every product and service, when it comes to artists and other creatives, there is a special dynamic that makes them truly unique...

...in a good way. :)

Creatives face specific challenges due to emotional ties to their work.
(“You think it would look better in pink, do you? WHY DO YOU HATE ME???”)

Not only that, but even though creatives love the idea of making money, they’re often uncomfortable with the idea of sales.

(“Yeah...I guess it’s for sale...if you really want it? How much?...I’m not sure...how much would you pay...you don’t have to...you want a discount? I should give you a discount...tell you what...just take it!”)

These challenges are even worse for introverted creatives.  

After being invited on Beth Buelow’s podcast '“the introverted entrepreneur” we focus on the specific reasons creatives struggle and how to make the sales process comfortable and more natural - EVEN FOR INTROVERTS!


You can expect to learn how to

  • Understanding different perspectives when approaching the sales talk

  • Overcome marketing challenges for creatives and introverts

  • Overcome objections through a unique approach

  • Assigning proper value to art and projects

  • Create an environment and narrative that facilitates sales

  • Ask the right questions and clarifying what others need

  • Close the sale through active listening

  • A desire to buy versus falling in love with a product

  • Leveraging the power of word of mouth

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