you're here because you have a love-hate relationship with sales. 

You love 'em, when you got 'em

but getting 'em? 
It hurts.

You're way better at other things. 
And you spend all your time second-guessing the pitch and close.


It's sucking your energy, because it's not what you're meant for.

But me?   Sales is what I was BORN to do.


Hey!  I'm Shawna May. 
the hard liquor to your "i'd-rather-not" sales conversations.


With me, every interaction is natural, every transition to a pitch feels good, and like any good booze, I make sure everyone knows you're the life of the party.

Imagine a sales and marketing hustle that gives you a nice buzz all day long.

It's really nice. 


But things didn't start so nice. 

I spent years  navigating conversations on a crisis hot-line and how to walk grieving families through after-death-decisions.

I learned quickly trying to influence another to make a decision is not something you do to them, but something you do with them.

I'd later apply this principle to business and well, take a look and see what happened.

Lilah sold 20k in 3 weeks.

allana sold every spot to her online course.

or Elizabeth booked out her service 3 months in advance.

but that was just the start.