You’re here because …

Work is your identity.

(and without clients you ain't got one.)

And to be blunt, most days are spent hoping those clients find you. Because hey, cat-calling is not in your bag of tricks.


My name is Shawna and I can help you book clients without compromising your integrity.



Create a line out the door of clients who are thrilled to work with you.



Consensual Sales. Four simple principles applied to every conversation.

Yes, please.


Everyone’s banging on the door to book your service because you finally figured out what you say is far more important than what course, coach, or color you choose.

Shawna May Refresh - banners [Recovered]-11.jpg

it's time to stop being a
passive participant in your business.

and lets grab it by the balls.


Enter Shawna.

You hate sales and it seems like sales hate you. I'm here because I'm really good at helping you find and book perfect-fit clients.

WITHOUT compromising your price, purpose or process.

Real, straight-forward strategies that you can start implementing easily
— Bridget Eagleson

Shawna girl. You’ve forced me somewhere I’ve never been. Wow.
Giirl, Your brain is gold.
— Aniya Legnaro,
In a league of her own, Shawna is a powerful force of nature. She demonstrates integrity, humor, and real sales skills. Shawna turns sales into trans-formative yes! Experience for all parties. Her work in sales creates ripple effects that up-level a business.
— Edna Christine

Shawna has CHANGED the way I do marketing.
— Britta Jenson